Leather Care

Our leather goods are made with real cow hide in Austin, Texas. While we try to choose the most beautiful hides, this ain't no sissy leather; all scars are characteristics of the skin and the cow's life. We hope you enjoy our unique handmade objects!

Honest Collar Care
Honest Collars are handmade with vegetable tanned leather and brass hardware. The leather is treated with a beeswax finish. To keep the leather soft and supple, and to ensure a long life,condition your Honest Collar regularly with a quality leather treatment. We recommend conditioning the leather before and after prolonged exposure to the elements. It’s best to remove the Honest Collar when your pup is bathing or swimming.

Flask Care
Hand wash the interior of the vessel before and after each use. Use a flask funnel to keep the leather dry; do not submerge in water. Do not keep alcohol in flask for longer than 3 days. Your flask is specifically designed to carry alcoholic beverages. It should not be used for beverages with acid contents such as juices, wine or cordials.