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Valentines Day Wine Charms


Wine not?! These leather wine charms are sure to be a party pleaser!

It wouldn’t be ladies night without a bit of drama! Laugh it up with these snarky leather wine charms. Just slip one around the stem of your glass.

Add some extra fun by assigning drunk personalities to your friends (tee-hee).

Let’s see how you live up to your Vinotype tonight!


These products are made using the space between my wallet and flask designs.

Ok, we can generally agree that waste in this industry is a problem. As a designer who focuses on solving problems, curbing waste was another way to engage my creative problem-solving. I make every effort to weave resource efficiency into my craft. I don’t just think of a wallet as a singular item, but rather a piece of a whole system that I have created.

I can tell you that when you buy a cord keeper, a key chain, or a bookmark, you are literally keeping leather resources from hitting the landfill and joining me in an effort to weave efficiency & sustainability throughout the leather industry.

We make our leather goods from scratch. Each item is designed, made and finished in our Austin, TX studio.

Heck yes it is! We use full grain leather, and hand-stitch everything (except the hat patches) for a very durable product. We choose to showcase scars and other characteristics from the animal's previous life.

Your hands should do most of the work to keep the leather supple. If it happens to take a dip in the lake or washing machine, we recommend using Smith's Leather Balm to nourish the leather back to it's former glory.


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