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How to keep your leather tip top

Posted by Katrina Marhefka on
How to keep your leather tip top - Espacio Handmade
Did you know a 5,500-year-old shoe was discovered in an Armenian cave? 🤯
I bet you can guess what it was made of!
With fast fashion on the rise (and waste along with it), it's more important than ever to invest in and care for quality goods. And with proper care, leather can outlive most of us. I've put together a 1-2 punch strategy for taking care of your Espacio Leather Goods.
Good leather takes its time to stretch, which is why it might feel a bit snug when you first get your Wallet or Pick Pocket. You can stretch it to fit more, but you have to be committed to the stretch. You probably don't need your library or PetCo card all the time. So start by first adding your most used cards to your wallet.
May be an image of leather wallet and saddle-stitched leather
Our wallets are built with care, and while they are durable, they do require some consideration. it should go without saying, but your leather goods shouldn't take a dip in the pool. we've also seen a wallet or two get damaged from sitting on a wet seat. so if you're not into the front pocket wallet thing, watch where you sit your rump.
For the most part, the oils in your hands will be all the conditioning you need. Except of course when you jump into a lake with it or run it through the wash. This is where Smith's leather balm comes in. It's a 3- ingredient balm with no synthetic compounds, preservatives, or petroleum-based products. If your wallet takes an accidental dip, we recommend getting a tin of Smith's to recondition it back to health.
Use the HECK out of it!
This ain't no sissy leather, and neither is our stitching. Our hides are quality and our thread and stitch style is strong. Just be sure to follow the guide above and you can bet your Espacio goods will be with you for many adventures!

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