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Are you curious how I stitch?

Posted by Katrina Marhefka on
Are you curious how I stitch? - Espacio Handmade
This is the perfect opportunity for me to let you into my biz brain and share the parts of Espacio I don't share elsewhere. Like the reasons I choose to hand stitch over using a machine.
May be an image of saddle-stitched leather
For starters, it's in our name.
Espacio "Handmade" signifies craftsmanship; the type of craftsmanship you can't get from a sewing machine.
Machines are great for speed, but using a sewing machine exchanges quality for quantity. In some business models, cranking out as many pieces as you can is ideal. However, at Espacio, we make our products to last the test of time.
While it may sound cliche, I would much rather provide my community with quality over quantity any day.
Hand stitching also produces an aesthetic that a machine can't match.

When you think of a machine, what comes to mind? Uniformity? Predictability?

I'm sure character didn't make the top of the list! And quality with character is what I aim for.

But we can't talk about hand stitching vs. machine sewing without touching on the most important results of a hand-stitched product — its strength and durability.
One of the strongest and most popular stitches in leatherworking is the saddle stitch. As you can guess, this stitch gets it's name from saddle makers who utilized this stitch. 
While a sewing machine uses one thread per side of the material, the saddle stitch alternates along both sides of the leather.

But why is that important?

By alternating the stitching, you create strength and durability. If one of the threads breaks in a saddle stitch, the remaining thread would continue to hold.

If it's good enough for a saddle, it's more than ideal for a wallet!
As you can tell from this uncharacteristically lengthy blog, I put immense consideration into how my products are produced. I build them stronger to last longer and look good their entire lifetime.

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