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Waste in the industry

Posted by Katrina Marhefka on
Waste in the industry - Espacio Handmade
Ok, we can generally agree that waste in this industry is a problem.
As a designer who focuses on solving problems (have you checked out my chapstick holder?), curbing waste was another way to engage my creative problem-solving.
I make every effort to weave resource efficiency into my craft. That way, come the holiday season, you can give without guilt!
I don’t just think of a wallet as a singular item, but rather a piece of a whole system that I have created.

These products are made using the space between my wallet designs.
Taco Cord Keeper Organizer
Image of Keychain Flag
So going back to the question in the subject.

Are you contributing to waste?

I can tell you that when you buy a cord keeper, a key chain, or a bookmark, you are literally keeping leather resources from hitting the landfill and joining me in an effort to weave efficiency & sustainability throughout the leather industry.

Here's another guiltlessly gift-able items below!
Image of AirPods Charger Keychain

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