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Leather Can Coozie


Leather beer can cooler in rich brown leather. Keeps 'em cool! These can coolers are so luxurious! They keep your beer cold and fold up into your pocket later.

These leather can coolers slide snugly onto your can and do not have a bottom. They hug the can so no bottom is necessary.

  • Slide on, snap off
  • Never attempt to snap it on with the can open (you'll only learn that lesson once! haha)
  • Beer Can Cooler fits regular 12 oz cans and tall boys.
  • Slim Can Cooler fits 12 oz slim cans (think Michelob Ultra, White Claw)
  • (neither size fit bottles, unfortunately)

Your secret message can be whatever you like (get creative!)!
**If you choose initials for your personalization: please indicate exactly how you want it.
A) all one size or B) in initial format with the last name letter larger in the middle** (I want to make sure I do it how you want it!!) thanks!

***We live in Texas, it's HOT. And we use this can cooler exclusively.
Our first test was to take a fridge beer, place it outside in the can cooler, and check it an hour later. Still COLD! We drank it, it was delicious. No lies.

Your hands should do most of the work to keep the leather supple. If it happens to take a dip in the lake or washing machine, we recommend using Smith's Leather Balm to nourish the leather back to it's former glory.

Heck yes it is! We use full grain leather, and hand-stitch everything (except the hat patches) for a very durable product. We choose to showcase scars and other characteristics from the animal's previous life. Want to know more about why we chose to hand-stitch?

We make our leather goods from scratch. Each item is designed, made and finished in our Austin, TX studio. We're woman-owned and made!

We hand-stitch, not only because it's a beautiful stitch, but because it's the most durable, creating products meant to last.


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