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Monstera Leather Hanging Planter


Daaaang. This leather monstera leaf hanging planter is stunning. This planter compliments your space and green thumb! Makes for a rich addition to your plant corner! The hanger extends 30", and accommodates pots of many sizes. 

This listing does NOT include the pot or the plant. 

CARE: Leather planters are recommended for indoor use. Please remove the pot from planter to water at sink, allowing the plant to drain*. Replace after drained to keep the leather dry. Be mindful of the weight of your pot and plant when selecting your installation hardware.

*When using a pot without a drainage hole, put a layer of rocks on the bottom. All potted plants need water drainage for their roots.

Designed and made by our hardworking hands in Austin, Texas.

Your hands should do most of the work to keep the leather supple. If it happens to take a dip in the lake or washing machine, we recommend using Smith's Leather Balm to nourish the leather back to it's former glory.

Heck yes it is! We use full grain leather, and hand-stitch everything (except the hat patches) for a very durable product. We choose to showcase scars and other characteristics from the animal's previous life. Want to know more about why we chose to hand-stitch?

We make our leather goods from scratch. Each item is designed, made and finished in our Austin, TX studio. We're woman-owned and made!

We hand-stitch, not only because it's a beautiful stitch, but because it's the most durable, creating products meant to last.


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