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Big Spender Leather Wallet OOAK 10


*note the scar on the back. we think it's cool ;)

Ready to ship (all of our OOAK wallets are already built, this is exactly the one you'll get!)

Minimalist front pocket wallet. Though slim, this leather card wallet fits plenty of pocket essentials in one compact design. 

  • 2 card slots (holds 4–8)
  • 1 cash partition
  • Hand-stitched body
  • Made from scratch in our Austin, Texas workshop
  • Measures 2.75" x 3.75"

Full-grain leather that will patina beautifully in time.  Hand-stitched to ensure a durable, long-lasting wallet!


We recommend up to about 8 cards. Beyond that, you'll need to be committed to the stretch. You don't really need alllll those cards, do you?

Mind the stretch

Good leather takes its time to stretch, which is why it might feel a bit snug when at first. You can stretch it to fit more, but you have to be committed to the stretch. You probably don't need your library or PetCo card all the time. So start by first adding your most used cards to your wallet.

Keep it dry

Don't get it wet! Our wallets are durable and each made with care. As much as we love going everywhere with our precious wallets, make sure to not take a dip with it.

Condition when needed

We recommend using Smith's leather balm. Smith's is a great way to protect, restore and extend the life of your leather goods.

We make our leather goods from scratch. Each item is designed, made and finished in our Austin, TX studio.

Want to watch us hand-stich a wallet? Check out our video on Instagram.

Heck yes it is! We use full grain leather, and hand-stitch everything (except the hat patches) for a very durable product. We choose to showcase scars and other characteristics from the animal's previous life. Want to know more about why we chose to hand-stitch?


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